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anderson auction & realty
American Industrial Auctioneering

The auction industry is growing and now generates 203 billion dollars annually.

In the past, the auction was the last resort. Auctions, in many cases, are now the fastest and most cost effective method to remarket assets across the board. Statistics indicate that over half of the population have attended a live auction and the numbers are growing.

Re-marketing by public auction is beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

  • Sellers benefit by being able to turn assets into "immediate cash." Holding costs are increasing, which effects the overall return.
  • Buyers benefit by being able to purchase assets in a competitive sale, balanced by dealers and users. This ensures that buyers will pay fair value at auction.

Each year, the auction market grows.
More plants, factories, small business, real estate, and general merchandise are sold
at well advertised and professionally conducted public auctions.


We can turn your assets into IMMEDIATE CASH!

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